☾ april yu

14-year-old writer. tutor. book reviewer. reader. runner. flutist. new jerseyan. dreamy middle child. wannabe food taster. she/her/她.


ENGLISH TUTORING · Through live tutoring sessions and/or a well-curated Google Classroom, I guide elementary and middle schoolers to write at their best. Read more here.BOOK REVIEWING · I review indie, small press, and large press books with detail and vivacity on Stone Soup, LitPick, Juven Press, Goodreads, and Storygraph.BOOK CLUB MODERATOR · I host and lead discussions for children's and middle-grade book clubs. Currently, I moderate a multi-county Asian-American book club and revise book reflections.


‣ "among the violets" – Healthline Zine. forthcoming.
republished in Londemere Lit. forthcoming.
‣ "Miracle Baby" – Four Palaces Publishing, 2022 Fiction Anthology Contest. forthcoming.
‣ "To Saturn and Back" – Milk Candy Review. forthcoming.
‣ "girl best friend" – Voidspace
‣ "Roulette" – Lit. 202
‣ "Before I Go" – Tigers Zine
republished in Five South. forthcoming.
‣ "Spring in New York City" – Storybird, #1 Flash Fiction of 2021
‣ "Birds" – Auroras & Blossoms: Youth Edition
‣ "Hope" – Stone Soup Magazine, flash contest #22 winner

‣ "here comes the queen" – Mid-Heaven Magazine. forthcoming.
‣ "crickets, tell me that" – The Collidescope
‣ "i met an angel and forgot the rest of the sky" – Aurora Journal, Surrealism Poetry Contest Honorable Mention
‣ "& beautiful" – Ice Lolly Review
‣ "novice trackstar" – Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine
‣ "Perfect for Me" – Stone Soup Magazine


‣ two questions interview – Milk Candy Review. forthcoming.
‣ my teen writing journey – Young Eager Writers

‣ "a definitive guide to this (how to love or lose a child)" – Alpha Workshop for Young Writers reading with Tamora Pierce

‣ associate editor, Neverland Lit
‣ prose reader & editor, Heartbalm Lit
‣ staff contributor, Cloudy Magazine


inquire about tutoring - request editing - send an ARC or novel - solicit work - ask a question - make me laugh or cry - you hold the pen.

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